Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business a while, the way you use IT will be the difference between success and struggle.

Most IT providers are very good at delivering on a single product stack, but to be truly successful you need to have someone who knows how technology can enable business.

A Trusted Adviser.

And that’s where I come in.

Anthony McMahon

Hi, I’m Anthony McMahon

MMgt, PGradDipBusAdmin, BachInfTech

I’ve seen the impact a faulty mindset around technology can have on businesses.

After studying and working in IT for almost 20 years, I’ve seen the impact a faulty mindset around technology can have on businesses. They don’t operate efficiently, are more vulnerable to risks, staff experience more stress, too much energy is spent on trying to put out fires, their customer service suffers, and they stop focusing on their overall strategy.

As your qualified IT expert, I cut through the hype and jargon to remove complexities, and demystify technology – enabling you to not only regain control, but also transform your business. I design and implement policies, processes and strategies that work, so you can focus your energy on achieving outcomes and providing excellent customer service – knowing that your technology is working hard for you, not the other way round.

I partner with businesses to understand what they want their technology to enable them to do -asking the right questions and analysing their challenges to determine effective and relevant solutions. You won’t hear a sleazy sales pitch from me.

To help you manage IT problems, I’ll dig deep to find the root cause, enabling you to take the right action around your technology to get it fixed or stop it happening in the first place. After it’s resolved, everything’s fully documented – keeping you accountable and covered.

With my knowledge of IT security and technology’s impact, I also help assess and mitigate your security risks. With confidence you have robust systems in place, you can focus on the big picture again.

Want to discover how your business can thrive with the right technology?

My Values

Plain Language

We focus on stuff that matters, without the spin. 

Simple Strategies

Complexity is unhealthy, we will keep it simple.

People First

People are at the heart of every transformation.

Trusted Knowledge

If we don’t have the answer, we find out.

Sustainable Outcomes

We deliver outcomes which won’t break your bank.

Visible Outputs

We keep you aware of what is being delivered.